Top 10 Most Dangerous Insects In The World

The world has lot of creation which is countless. This also included more than 1 million of insect’s species. Some of them are harmless but some are harmful for human. The harmful species have the ability to kill. So we should avoid from these species. We see number of insects daily but have not care about them with not knowing the severity of biting of these insects. Don’t go on their size they are small in size but can harm or kill any one. Hope you have not suffered from these dangerous insects. Here we are listing the Top 10 Dangerous Insects In The World.



10. Siafu Ants.


Siafu Ants are also known as Army ants and are found in east Africa. You will see them marching in colonies of more about 50 thousands individuals. The colonies when pass through homes, that is the greatest risk. These have the strong jaws and removal is difficult when it bites you. This large number of ants can kill small animals. In them, queen also present that is large in size.


9. Human Bot Fly


It is also known as Dermatobia hominis. They have the fast reproduction ratio when these are parasite. They love to lay out their eggs on the human body at warm area. They use the body heat for the hatch of eggs and the larva with the next eight weeks burrows itself in the skin of human and feed off there. Some time they use carrier for the drop of the egg like mosquito. This insect can grow on your body even in your brain. This is the most dangerous insect ranked at number 9th positon.


8. Kissing bugs.


Kissing bugs are also known as conenose bugs. 130 or more of its species feed on vertebrate blood and few species feed on other invertebrates. These bugs are found in South and Central America and Southern United States. They suck the blood of victim and cause the Chagas disease. This can cause the neurological disorder and damage to heart and digestive system. Be aware from this insect.


7. Fleas.


These are wingless; with mouthparts they suck the blood. Fleas are external parasites and feed on warm blooded animals. They are known as the best jumpers. Their bite can cause severe wound which swells up in a pustule and allergic reactions start. Fleas are found to be responsible of killing of more than 75 million pets. This made them so dangerous.


6. Wasps.


Wasps are neither a bee nor an ant. This insect is so dangerous that its sting can cause severe anaphylaxis shock which leads to death. They normally do not bite the human if you will give them threat then these can bite you. Allergic reaction is the main cause of these wasps. Be aware from these wasps. These can cause severe damage to your body.


5. Tsetse fly.


Tsetse fly are found in Africa. These are so dangerous and can effect on nervous system of human. These flies cause the sleeping sickness disease when they bite the human. Their sting is so dangerous in a way that they can cause the victim falling in coma due to swelling in the brain. 250 to 300 deaths have been reported each year due to sting bite of these flies.


4. Japanese Giant Hornet or Asian Hornet.


Japanese Giant Hornets or Asian Hornet has the most painful sting than any other insect. They have the length of 3 inches. They have dangerous venom in their sting. Venom has 8 different type of chemicals. Which damage the tissues badly and its odor provide the attraction to other hornets to the victim. These hornets have cause death. The 70 deaths per year is recorded which made them so dangerous insects in the world.


3. Brazilian wandering spider.


This looks so beautiful but is the most venomous spider according to Guiness Book of World Records. This spider has caused number of human deaths. Their venom has neurotoxin that cause pain, sweats and irregular heart beat. It is mostly found in Brazil and has hospitalized more than 7000 people in Brazil. So be aware from this dangerous insect.


2. Killer Bees.


Killer Bees are hybrid reproductive bees that are found in Africa. The creation of these bees is based on failed biological experiment. The biologists did a experiment for the production of bees species with the interbreeding of European honey bees with hardy African bees, But the result was totally changed. Instead of being productive the bees developed in aggressive nature. They have a dangerous sting and can bite a victim reputably in a day which leads to death. The death rates has been increasing with the passing year this is reached in thousands.


1. Anopheles Mosquito.


This is well known mosquito which is involving in spread of Malaria disease. Million of deaths has been reported due to this mosquito in every year.This mosquito bites the human and transfer the disease malaria into the body. this can cause the death of that person. Due to causing a million of deaths Anopheles Mosquito is at the top of the list.

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