Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations

Life is not happy without travelling, if you are not that kind of person who loves travelling then you are not living your life and not enjoying too. Travelling is full of enjoyment, fun and much more. Here our aim to inform you about the Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations so that you can enjoy you life and taste the most beautiful places for travelling . There are many beautiful places in the world but travel destinations does not require to be beautiful only they may be very horror, very interesting places , very difficult journey and very unpredictable. Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations are waiting for you .


10. Venice  

Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations, Venice

Venice is a beautiful city of Italy,which is one of the best destination for travelling.Venice is well known about its beauty of architecture and art work.There is about 500000 tourist in a day visit this city.Now a days in Venice,there are numureous attraction such as St Mark’s Basilica,the Grand Canal, and the Piazza San Marco.These places are very enjoyable and good to make your journey more beautiful.


9. Melbourne

Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations,Melbourne

Melbourne is the second most famous city of Australia.It is an International Cultural center, which displays its heritage.It has a moderate ocean climate.It is one of the best city for tourism.Due to its attraction million of people visit that place per year.This is at number 9 in the ranking of  Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations.


8. Cape Town

Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations. Cape Town

Cape town is a second most populous and largest city of South Africa and is a multicultural city of the world. It has a Table Mountain, land marks and Cape Point.It is a famous travel destination due to its natural setting, and well-developed infrastructure.It has a beautiful beach and you can visit different beaches in the same day due to its unique geography.


7. Dubai

Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations, Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful city of  United Arab Emirates.It is one of the most attractive city for travel destinations.It has many of historical and traditional places,Mountains and land marks. Burj Al Arab is one of the impressive land mark in the world.Dubai has a Hydropolis Underwater Hotel.Its one of the rare under water architectures where visitors stay and enjoy all the leisure activities underwater.


6. Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the beautiful city of America.It is named as city of Angels.It is surrounded by vast mountain ranges, forests,deep valleys, , desert, and the Pacific Ocean.Which attracts the whole world. It is one the best enjoying travelling destination. It is also very famous because Hollywood is the charm of this city.


5. Sydney


Sydney is ranked as 5 for the top 10 most beautiful travelling destinations due to its beauty.Sydney is the  most beautiful and amazing city of Australia. Sydney has many heritage listed buildings,which include Sydney Town Hall, The Queen Victoria Building and the Australian Museum.There are many recognizable land marks in Sydney and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


4. Rome

Rome , Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations

Rome is one of the most attractive and important travel destination of the world due to its unique traditions.In Rome there are lot of fountains, Museum ,churches, palaces, historical buildings for enjoyment so that no body will feel boring at that place .Rome contains  impressive collection of art, sculpture, fountains,mosaics, frescoes, and paintings.Which make it the best travel destination in the world.So that;s why Rome is at number 4.


3. London


London is the name of  beauty. It is the capital  of England and is a leading global city in the world.London is a charming city and contain a fantastic historical places that are Royal Botanic Gardens, Tower of London,Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and Maritime Greenwich, which are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


2. New York

Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations

New York is the city of America and is the second most famous choice of tourists for travelling It  is the beautiful choice of the visitors of the whole world . With so many unique attractions, world-famous museums, Ellis Island, Immigration Museum, theaters,Staten Island Ferry ,central park and skyscrapers.New York is full of colorful life such as casinos and other places for entertainment.


1. Paris

Top 10 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations

According to the world’s top 10 most beautiful travel destinations Paris is at number 1 due to its in explainable beauty. Paris is the city of France.It is world’s most attractive and romantic travel destination.This beautiful city contain 3,800 historical monuments and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Eiffel Tower is world famous land mark.Due to its beauty Paris

attracts huge number of tourists every year. Paris is full of romantic places, every one enjoy this city and its life.

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  1. Johanna says:

    If Paris is the number 1 travel destination…..why on earth are you posting a picture of the Paris hotel in Las Vegas as your picture to depict the city??? How Embarrasing!!

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