Top 10 Largest and Strongest Armies in The World

Army is one of the basic need of any country for its existence. If army will not be strong then the survival of that country will be impossible. Sea , land and air forces are becoming a need of every country and it should be strong in every field. Army makes a part for protection of country from internal or external threats. Armies strength depends upon the geographical view. If one country has friendly neighbor countries then no large force will be require. World’s political issues are now involving in strengthen of armies. Like America wants to hold in middle east in Afghanistan ,Pakistan, Iran and on mineral resources of these countries. They are also have a close look on Russia that’s why they are being in Afghanistan. China having its forces strong for security reasons due to Taiwan and India. India and Pakistan are also working to strong its armies due to having threats from each other or from neighboring countries. Here we are giving the list of top 10 largest and strongest armies in the world.


10. Iran (320,000)

Iran is situated in Middle East and it has a well established army that has 320,000 soldiers. Iran’s army is world’s 10th largest army and is the one of the best army in the Middle East. The army of Iran consists of 14 land divisions and 15 air force squadrons.170 vessels. They are good in ballistic missiles. They are proud to have the “Shihab 3” ballistic missile.


9. Myanmar (425,000)

Myanmar have the forces with sum up of 425,000 soldiers. Myanmar in 2011, a law was there that every male or female having the age of 18 to 35 must be given the military training of 2 years. So every one can take a active part in any case of national emergency.


8. Iraq (450,000)

The environment in Iraq was not good due to suffering war against various countries. Still internal resistance is there against foreign forces. Iraq has the 450,000 soldiers army which is the world’s 8th largest army. This army was involved in many wars, which are 1948 Arab-Israel, war against Iran, Gulf war. So they are seems to be active force due to participation in various wars.


7. United States (550,000)

US army is considered as the world’s strongest army with having new technology weapons. That is the atomic power country. They have largest air ships, sea ships and was the first force which use atomic bomb in the war against Japan. US army has the motto of “The We’ll Defend’. This army has participates in many wars which includes War of 1812, Vietnam war, Iraq and Afghanistan war, and the famous world war I and  II, Indian war and Utah war.


6. South Korea (560,000)

South Korean army has the total number of 560,000 soldiers and is the world’s 6th largest army. South Korean army has the military strength of Fire bat shock, Troops,Terrain Marines, Vulture Anti Personnel Vehicles. They have 30,000,000 canons.


5. Pakistan (617,000)

Pakistan is situated in Asia. It is a small Muslim country but is atomic power and have well organized military of 617,000 solders. Pakistan army is considering world wide the brave army and it has participated in various wars. Air force, Navy and paramilitary forces are so active and can perform well in every crisis. Pakistani solders are also working with UNO in many dangerous countries. Pakistan missile technology is one of the best technology with about 100% accuracy. They have tanks, Fighter jets, submarines, missiles, and atomic bomb.


4. Russia (1,027,000)

Russia is a well exporter of arms and was the super power in the past. They have a arm exports of 6,197,000,000 dollars. Which is big. Its army consists of 1,027,000 soldiers. The military education is compulsory for the people having age of 18 to 27. They have a world’s best air crafts and tanks. Quantity of tanks is 22,950 and of aircraft’s is 2358 in Europe. Battle tanks are others which are 4,982. Russian army has also participated in various wars. Famous is war against Afghanistan.


3. North Korea (900,000)

North Korea has a well organized army with sum of 900,000 soldiers which is world’s 3rd largest army. They have a massive amount of war equipments which includes total tanks of 4,500 and various anti tank weapons. This army has taken a part in various wars that was Korean war, Gulf war, Vietnam war, Iraq war and war in Afghanistan.


2. India (1,325,000)

India is situated in Asia and have world’s 2nd largest army with sum of 1,325,000 soldiers. They are having internal and external threat and are working well on a mission to secure and defense of the country. Indian army has a lot of missiles with longest distance hitting capacity .Its air force, Navy an paramilitary forces are well strong and has the ability to face any challenges.


1. China (2,290,000)

China is a part of Asia an have a large area with huge population. Its army is the world’s largest army having the amount of 2,290,000. This army is well trained having 8,500 tanks, 61 submarines, 4,000 fighter jets and 54 surface ships. China has spending massive amount on military expense and is making itself the world’s super power country.

22 Responses to “Top 10 Largest and Strongest Armies in The World”

  1. shibin says:

    india………….. <3 chak de india…………………..

  2. ali khan says:

    first check who is the world no 1 army in 2009,2010,and 2011then shame on ur army _________long live pak army

    • Big Brothers says:

      Ali i know you belong to Pakistan because your wording represents . And second thing our topic is who just not to present strongest army our topic is top 10 larges and strongest , so according to that our 5ranking is pure .

    • Rajesh says:

      Long live India pak is a wild life sanctuary all army men n people shud be stripped off their clothes n caged

  3. Common Sense says:

    This Website has horrible grammar and poor factual evidence. Size doesn’t matter as much training and skill. United States is up there with the most advanced weaponry and tactics, yet is ranked 7th. In the age of Ballistic missiles and Atomic weaponry, massed troop deployments are vulnerable to ballistic missiles and other long range explosive weaponry. . This isn’t WW1. Anyway, China’s army is incredibly for this age…most of their soldiers are former pheasants.

  4. Joss says:

    Lol, I must have missed it when North Korea fought in the gulf war. This person clearly did some expert research. Oh well congrats to Pakistan for their 100% accuracy rate….lol

  5. Srikanth says:

    The army of India have captured alive nearly 90,000 Pakistan soldiers

    Can any army in the world have the guts to do that ?

    Except the Indian army

    • Big Brothers says:

      For your information dear that was a real fraud thousand of innocent people died at that time. Killing innocents is the positive point of that army named as Indian ? Reply with fact not with emotions Thanks .

      • True soldier says:

        three million people killed, raped 200,000 women and displaced millions by pak army in bangladesh dont judge any body nobody is good and great..

        • Big Brothers says:

          You are totally wrong our team visited your comment and we are sorry to say that your comment is not presenting true picture..

      • Jazzi says:

        It’s Totally Fraud. Pakistan Won the Two warrs against india, and they are trying to prove that india is best. If I am telling wrong then ans me.Pak Zindabad.

  6. lastdon says:

    what of nigerian Army?

  7. nigerian army has proven her invincibility over any black nation says:

    beware of u.s. Air-borne assault

  8. Raja adil says:

    Pakistan army is the brave and strongest in the world….because we r Muslims and Muslims always lead.

  9. Big Brothers says:

    Raja you are from Pakistan it doesnot mean that your countries army is the bravest army am i right ???

  10. Abraham says:

    M/s top ten
    Thank you for your efforts in bringing out excellent information. It would certainly be useful to many. However statistics need to be analyzed well. Eg. Largest Army. It is obvious that just size does not matter,does it? The elephant is a huge animal, but it is easily overcome by the big cat or cats. What is required is, which is the strongest Army? in what way? This would be beneficial.That is one thing. The second thing is the presentation. The English is very poor. If need assistance, please send the articles to me and I would edit and send them back to you for publication in the site, of course, for free! Regards!

    • Big Brothers says:

      sir Here is the complete article must show your skills and one more thing this article is related to largest armies which means in numbers, we are not talking about strongest armies hope you understand….

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