Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2013

It is well said that if you are good at what you do then you will succeed. Same is the case for all the professional sportsmen in the world, these players take performance on the big stage to a whole new level with extreme fitness and a peculiar skill set. These sportsmen are well known around the world not because of their good looks or they car they drive but because of commitment they have shown to their beloved sport and have excelled like no one else in the past. They are pioneers and lay path for others to follow in order to achieve similar success. Here we have a list of Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2013 which includes players that have proven that they are the champions of the champions.


10) Alex Rodriguez, MLB

Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2013

Earnings: $ 19 million

When the Dodgers singed Alex for a huge amount of $ 147 million for a six year deal, it became one of the highest payments ever made and it has paid off so far. With a career shadowed with controversy, Alex has come out all guns blazing to prove that he is one of the best in baseball. The latest problems between Alex and the New York Yankees have made him a constant attraction for media because the allegations put on from both sides hold huge consequences. Throughout his carrier Alex has won numerous awards and is also part of the elite 600 home runs club.



9) Zack Greinke, MLB

Zack Greinke, MLB

Earnings: $ 29.02 million

Zack Greinke is a professional baseball pitcher well known around the world for his skills to throw a pitch in numerous styles. Zack started his career in 2004 when he made debut for Royals. Since then he has played a major role in 4 professional baseball teams. In 2009 he played in an All-Star game and bagged the AL CY Young Award. In 2013, he was declared the pitcher of the month for August.


8) Peyton Manning, NFL

Peyton Manning

Earnings:$ 31 million

Some people say that age is creeping up on Peyton but in 2013, he has proved all such myths wrong. His performance is as perfect as it used to be in his prime days. Peyton plays the role of a quarterback in American Football team Denver Broncos. He has the honor of being the fast player to reach 400 touchdowns and has been a Super Bowl Champion.


7) Derrick Rose, NBA

Derrick Rose, NBA

Earnings: $ 33.4 million

In 2012, Derrick was the 19th most paid athlete in the world but he has risen in those ranks and is now ranked in 7th position. Derrick started to play professional basketball in 2008 when he was signed by the Chicago Bulls and to this day he is loyal to his first team. In 2011 he was declared the best player in NBA which made him emerge as a super star. Ever since, he has won numerous high profile awards in 2012 and is still going strong.


6) Phil Mickelson

Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2013, Phil Mickelson

Earnings: $ 39.5 million

Golf is considered among the richest sports and Phil Michelson, an American professional golfer is currently the best golfer in the world. In 2013 he has won The Open Championship and stood second in the U.S. Open. Apart from these he has won the Masters Title 3 times in 2004, 2006 and 2010. So far he has bagged 3 of the 4 major titles with only the US Open still not in his trophy cabinet.


5) Tiger Woods

Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2013

Earnings: $ 40.8 million

A huge name in golf for many years but the recent personal life controversies hit Tiger very hard in the sport and in financial matters. Tigers achievements are so many that it is not possible to name them here. He has won the Masters, the US Open and the PGA Championship 4 times each and won The Open Championship 3 times. All these victories come with huge sponsorships in terms of advertisements, brand following and this made Tiger very rich. Even though he has not won a major title in 2013, still his past record is enough to put him 5th in the list.


4) Kobe Bryant, NBA

Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2013, Kobe Bryant, NBA

Earnings: $ 46.85 million

For the second year in a row Kobe Bryant is 4th in the list of highest paid athletes. If you are a fan of NBA, then you are surely a fan of Kobe. He is a super star of his sport with millions of fans around the world glued to watch him do his magic in crucial situations. He is well known for his extreme accuracy on long range shots and the cool and calm figure he maintains in situations that might make even the best tense. He started his career in 1996 with Los Angeles Lakers and is still going strong.


3) Drew Brees, NFL

Drew Brees, NFL

Earnings: $ 47.8 million

If you are the 3rd most paid athlete in the world then there ought to be something special in you and Drew Brees is a personification of perfection. A quarterback in America Football team New Orleans Saints, he holds record for the fastest player to reach 4000 yards passing and is considered a leader figure in his football team. In 2009 he won the Super Bowl MVP Award which every football professional player can dream off. His greatest professional achievement is that he brought the Vince Lombardi Trophy to his team in 2009 which gave his career a huge financial kick start.


2) LeBron James, NBA

Highest Paid Athletes In The World 2013

Earnings: $ 56.54 million

Nicknamed ‘King James’, LeBron is undoubtedly the best player in NBA right now. He recently changed teams and got drafted to Miami Heat in 2010 and his earnings have not stopped. Every year his earnings are more than before and this goes hand in hand with his performance as well. His role in helping his team win major titles has no parallel in the sport, where he single handedly changed the course of games. His achievements and awards are more than any other NBA player and surely he has the largest fan base around the world.


1. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is the world's highest pad athlete in 2013

Earnings: $ 90 million

Mayweather is a professional boxer and has been the highest paid athlete for some years now. He is currently undefeated as a professional boxer which is a great achievement in its own. He has won the Best Fighter Award in 2007,2008,2010,2012 and 2013. In a total of 44 fights he has no loss, and has 26 KO’s. Throughout his career he has matches in all categories and currently is the greatest athlete in the world. Boxing pays off well if you are good at it , and if you are Floyd then you are milking cash because Mayweather is already considered the greatest boxer alive which has earned him $ 90 million in 2013. Mayweather is the World’s highest paid athlete in 2013.

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