Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In The World



Humanity is now decreasing day by day from the heart of people. With increasing crime rates and danger roaming all around, the rape rate has also increased. The reasons behind the increase in crimes are innumerable. Globalization can be one of the reasons. With cultural connectivity all over the globe, the competition has increased. The competitive environment led to unemployment and this eventually led to increased crime rate. Other reasons might be the conditioning of violent and aggressive acts that are inculcated among individuals due to the violent videos and psychosocial conditions. Sexual assault is one of the major and most perilous crimes because it marks a question mark at the health insurance of the society. This crime clearly depicts that the individuals are more prone to inhumane acts and that the individuals are no longer safe in the society. A look into the Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime becomes quite important in order to take some measures regarding the provision of insurance to life and sanctity. So here we go




Colombia grabs the top positions among the most dangerous countries and one of the reasons behind it is the high rate of human trafficking, rape and violent acts which also marks it as one of the countries with high sexual assault rate with a rape count of around 3149.




Not only is the country known for its beautiful places, but the country is also known for its sexual assaults. Thailand is among the top most beautiful places; on the other hand it is also among the top most countries with highest rape rat till 2013 with no insurance of human sanctity.



Russian Federation

The rape count according to UN statistics is 4907. The reasons behind are human trafficking and kidnapping of young girls. This has led to innumerable sad events and the number is increasing ever since.




The crime rates in Sweden are increasing day by day and the day is not far away when the country would at number 1 in sexual assaults. The UN stats shows it to have a count of 5960 2 years ago and the ratio would definitely have increased. 1 in every 4 women is being assaulted in Sweden which worsens the conditions.





The UN rape stats of 7724 are pretty less as compared to America, but still the conditions are rather alarming as well. Germany is at number 6 in the list of Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime .




Mexico has a rape count of 14993. The country is also filled up with on the record and off the record incidents of sexual assaults. A very recent case of Rodriguez involved in an assault of a woman for hours in a car and then in a hotel room throws light on the fact that the situations need to be controlled here as well.




The UN rape statistics shows the total rape count of 17762 which ranks it at number four. The country is also piled up with such incidents like a backyard sexual assault or a group assault in a high school. The scenario isn’t any better in Australia as well.



United Kingdom

Statistics show that 69,000 women are raped annually while 9,000 are male victims. The Congo war in 1998 reported almost 200,000 sexual assaults. Not only then, but now the situations have not changed. Recently a case had been reported of a girl being raped 90 times in only single weekend which was a human trafficking case. The country is filled with such off the record incidents. This clearly explains why the country is at number 3.





The recent issue of a gang rape of a 23 years old medical student in a bus is a testimony of the fact that how inhumane the country is regarding sexual assaults. The courageous girl was being assaulted ruthlessly in the bus and was thrown under the same bus. The girl died in the Singapore hospital during treatment. Before her death she talked to her brother and told him that she tried hard to let go off them and the assaulter s continuously talked about killing her after the rape. They threw her as they thought the victim died. While the whole country was mourning at the rape of this innocent girl, another girl was being raped by a bus driver in a bus the same day the medical student was assaulted. This clearly claims that the country can rightly be marked as one of the countries with highest rape rates because every twenty minutes, a girl is being treated inhumanely here. Even the tourists are also being raped



United States of America

Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In The World

America can be regarded as the hub of this cruel act. The human trafficking and forced prostitution is highly observed here. The rape statistics in 2010 claimed the rape count of 84767 which has no doubt doubled till 2013. When the world was crying over and protesting against a rape in India, a rape of a 16 year old completely went unnoticed at first until it was tweeted. The rape of this girl by two teens at Steubenville was much ruthless and much brutal. The girl was not only assaulted by one gang in a party but was taken to another party as well while she was unconscious and not only this, she was also assaulted while she was taken from one party to another in a car and her images and videos were also spread all around. This is just one example; the country is loaded up with such daily incidents. These are the Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime In the World.

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