Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013

Music is a never ending marathon, while having the tunes and beats from 2012 in mind music lovers also expect the albums of 2013 eagerly. It is evident that this year it might be a blockbuster hit albums form Kanye West, Drake, Eminem and Andre 3000. Based on the fans page and other social networking groups it was a combination of solo as well as group albums from the top most singers. Many of the biggest musicians of the world have plans for releases in this year which are more solid than being tentative. There might even be some speculations that some albums won’t be a release for this year but might even be short notice release in some cases as they might feel maintaining the consistency. With all the recent facilities in listening to recent and latest music online this has become quite easy to music lovers to listen and then purchase the albums online or through a nearby store. The top selling or the recent releases might be of any genre so one might be interested in listening accordingly. These online portals also provide a very good search and sort feature using which one can sort and search for albums based on recent entry, genre, language and favorite singer. The various genres might be one among the following as these are considered the usual genres hip-hop, jazz, rock, classical and western. So here we are presenting you bets list of Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013 .


10. Broke with expensive taste

Broke With Expensive Taste Music Album 2013

Singer Azealia Banks with her Broke with expensive taste is hitting the markets of music industry this year with a bang that says it’s the expensive and tasteful mix tape from producer Hudson and Diplo.


9. Love in the future

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 9. Love in the future

John legend’s love in the future after his success through “My Mission was: how do I make a definitive 21st century soul album?”. His recent one is certainly making him a soulful enough legend in the music industry.


8. Loso’s Way 2: rise to power

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 8. Loso’s Way 2 - rise to power

Fabolous, Loso’s Way 2: rise to power is under a three year delay already but gearing up for a release this year with lot of up and running producers on floor. They gained pace through their mix tapes during the span it got delayed in order to rise to power the demand for the album.


7. Wavves – TBA

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 7. Wavves – TBA

Wavves – TBA had been busy with few more releases in 2012 but “Wavves” from Nathan Williams was being worked upon in full fledged manner. Here as per sources they have put lot of beat tapes and even some Big Boi Vicious Lies and Dangerous rumors are appearing on the same.


6. The Creator, wolf

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 6. The Creator, wolf

Tyler, The Creator, wolf is a full length album who is known for his rapping skills but recently indicated that he would concentrate on production skills rather than rapping. In this expected release he has used a different type of lyric than before.


5. Born to Lose, Built to win

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 5. Born to Lose, Built to win

Julez Santana’s Born to Lose, Built to win is one of the most anticipated album as Juelz had no release in the last year after hit blockbuster hit “What’s the game been missing!”. He recently released the mixtape “God Will’n” in January which would be a precursor to born to Win. This excellent yet to be released album has Lil Wayne as executive producer. This could be a glass full scenario for the deep inside set executive producer and the singer.


4. Blue $ Cream: The Wally Era

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 4. Blue $ Cream -The Wally Era

Ghostface Killah’s Blue $ Cream: The Wally Era had been in his loop from last year. He had released the “New God Flow” with Pusha T and Kanye but he had been keener on the Supreme clientele“as he was cherished about the same. So we hope this cherishes us as well at the same time of 2013.


3. One Woman Army

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 3. One Woman Army

Ciara, One Woman Army is from the talented singer who had been under the radar past few years back due to lack of success of her songs in 2010, Basic Instinct. She made a public request to be moved out of jive and since then been working solely on “One Women army” along with a man who had been responsible for her success in the past. So we hope she got something in her kitty for us this year.


2. Prisoner of conscious

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 2. Prisoner of conscious

Talib Kweli, Prisoner of conscious is finally set to arrive in markets by 2013 with a stacked lineup of guests to buy them. Among the 16 tracks, BK MC joins hand with Currency, Kendrick Lamar and Busta Rhymes. This Brazilian singer is well known for this hit “The Life aquatic”.


1. Bullet for my Valentine Temper

Top 10 Best Upcoming Music Albums Of 2013, 1. Bullet for my Valentine Temper

Josh Groban’s recent release the billboard with All that Echoes. He is a solo artist who usually lands three to four albums in a single year. He has two bands hard core rock brands and they are provided the albums such as Godsmack and Disturbed. His best flick namely “The Prayer” with Celine Dion was note worthy. He has a classical and booming style of singing that would be suitable for pop and dance floors. His upcoming attractions are Bullet for my Valentine Temper is expected to hit the stores in 2013 which is one of the awaited albums.

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