Top 10 Best Tanks In The World

Tanks are major part of the army in all over the world. With the help of tank you can defeat enemy any time. This is very important part for attack and defends. In many war and battles tank has play important role .they are important for several reasons. It protects the solders from small attack. They can carry weapons and solders. Armies use different tanks at different positions. If you are interested in taking information about tanks then do not go any where. Just check the list of Top 10 Best Tanks In The World.


10. M4 Sherman

This is medium tank. This was used in World War II. This was made buy USA. The Sherman evolved from the lee medium tank. This had an unusual mounted 75 mm gun. It retained much of the previous mechanical design, but added the first American main 75 mm gun. this is very good design among the tank .The place of origin is America. This was in service in 1942.In many wars this has been used. Weight of this tank is 66000 pound.Length is 20 feet. Engine is 400hp M4 Sherman is armed with machine guns.


9. Merkava Tank

This is main battle tank. This tank was produced by Israel in war 1982 this has played part. Weight of this tank is about 65tons.length of this tank is about 29ft with 24ft width. Engine is with 1500hp.foule capacity of this tank is 1400liter. It can hit the target from 500km.


8. T-54/55-54s

T-55s were involved in many of the world’s armed conflicts during the late 20th and early 21st century. The T-54/55 series eventually became the most-produced tank in history. Estimated production numbers for the series range from 86,000 to 100,000.this is main battle tank this was in service in 1947.This is produce in Soviet Union. The width of this tank is about 3.3m.the weight is about 36 tons.


7. Challenger 2

This is the British tank. The manufacturer advertises it as the world’s most reliable main battle tank, It uses the basic hull and automotive parts of its predecessor but all other components are new. Fewer than 5% of components are changeable. This is main battle tank .the weight of this tank is about 62tons.this was produce in 1993 and was used in Iraq war, the width of this tank is 3.5m. It is provided with 1200hp engine.


6. Panzer iv

This is tank of Germany and is main battle tank .This tank was produced in 1936. Panzer has taken part in many war .The Wight is 25ton.The width is 2.8m and length is 5m. This tank has a 296hp engine


5. Centurion tank

Centurion, introduced in 1945, was the primary British main battle tank of the post-World War II period. It was a successful tank design, with upgrades, for many decades. The chassis was also adapted for several other roles. this is main battle tank. the weight of this tank is about 51tons.the length is about 25ft. width of this tank is 11ft.It is fitted with engine of 650hp


4. Mark 1 tank

This tank was produced in 1915.This tank was used in many wars. The length of this tank is 32ft.weight is about 28tons, Width is 13ft.This tank has taken part in world war and Russian civil war. It is regarded as successful in many respects, but suffered from many problems owing to its primitive nature. This tank has ability to cross the trenches.


3. Al Khalid tank

This is main battle tank .this tank was produced by Pakistan and china in 199 and was named on KHALID BIN Arabic it means immortal.AL-Khalid is named after the legendary Muslim general Khalid bin waled.. this tank was in service in Pakistani army in 2001.this is main battle tank .this tank is used by Pakistan and Bangladesh. weight of this tank is 48t.length is 10.07m.width is 3.5.height of this tank is 2.4M. Engine of this tank is 1200hp.It can acquire the speed of 72km/h operational range of this tank is 500km.


2. Tiger Tank

Tiger 1 is very common name of this tank. This tank belongs to Germany. This tank was produced in 1942.In many war this tank has taken part .This tank is so expensive.. Very slow process for the production of this tank .the weight of this tank is about 56tons.this tank is include in heavy tank .the length of this tank is about 6m.the width is about 3.5m.Engine of this tank is 690hp and it can run with 38km/h speed.


1. T-34

This is a medium and very best tank in the world .It was in service in 1940 and was produced by Soviet Union. This tank took part in world war. The design and construction of the tank were continuously refined during the war to increase the effectiveness and decrease the cost, allowing steadily greater numbers of T-34 to be field. The length of this tank is 6.6f and weight is about 26tons.The width of this tank is 3m.T-34 has the speed of 53km/h.

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