Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies in 2012

pharma industry is very important in the world.These companies are not only for  revenue generating purpose but also serving the humanity . Most of the companies spend their largest profit on  R&D.They invent different molecules and chemical for the relief of diseases. These industries are not easy to regulate because they must follow the regulations of FDA.Most of these companies are established in 19th century,now these companies are protecting the world from different dangerous diseases by making cure of these diseases  .They play important role in public health.The main emphasis of these companies is to produce new drug and development.These companies have to face many legal issues for the production of medicine.These medicines must be approved from FDA.Now we are presenting you the Top 10 Best Pharmaceutical Companies in 2012. You will surely happy to know about these Pharmaceutical Companies .


10. Bristol-Myers

This Pharmaceutical Company is working to improve  the health of their  valuable patients .They are reducing disparities . Their mission is not to only to discover but also  develop medicine that help the patient prevail over serious diseases.In 2002 they present 13 medicine in the market to treat different diseases.In 2011 14 new compounds also entered .


9. Eli-Lilly

This company discovered and developed high quality innovation medicines .More than 7000 employes are working in the Lilly for the R&D of medicine.This section is located in USA.More than 135 years of Lilly excellence, they are  improving the public health. Lilly was found in 1876 and now is a world largest Pharmaceutical Company.


8. Abbott laboratories

Abbott is working in 130 countries and about 70000 employees are working in this Pharmaceutical Company.Abbott believes that corporation social responsibilities is the fundamental to earning and depending the trust of the people. It serves, an integral  part  of the people.Abbott is not only working in pharma but also Abbott nutrition ,diagnostic and diabetes care is also working.


7. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson Celebrating 125 years of working . They starts their business in has located more then 57 countries of the the world, its main aims are  Consumer health care ,medical devices,medical diagnostic.  They are part of the global health.There are many aspect to consider under the idea of global health.This is leading health company in the world in the research and development of the medicine.In addition they look beyond the business for the opportunities.


6. AstraZenca

This is global innovation driven integrated bio pharma company.They discover and manufacture huge quantity of medicine every year.They hire about 57000 employees in different areas of the world.New medicine are needed more than ever so they are working in producing new molecule .They are dedicated to research ,development , manufacturing and marketing of medicine.


5. GlaxoSmithKline

Gsk has a chilling and inspiring mission to improve the health quality of human.This is science led global health care company in the world.they are serving more then 100 countries of the world. This company spends more money on the research and development of medicine. Its head office is in UK, USA. and Spain.Their scientist work hard to discover new ways of treating and preventing disease. Their object is to develop the new medicine and vaccine against dangerous diseases.


4. Sanofi

Sanofi committed to raising standards of health care in all over the world.They believe on care.This is most rising pharma industry of the world and going fast in development of medicine.They spend more money on there development and research of medicine.This is in more than 100 countries with 11000 scientists.Its head office is in France. Sanofi is focusing on 7 major therapeutic areas.Main object is to provide patient satisfaction.


3. Merck  Pharma

Merck and co industry is one of the largest pharmaceutical company in the world,Merck headquarter is in the New Jersey. This company was established in 1891. It is currently one of the largest company by market capitalization and revenue. Merck also publishes  medical books and references books,Merck chemical is also a loyal brand in the world.In 2011 this company received award .Revenue of this company is $billions and operation income is $7.3billion.Total employee in this company are 86000.


2. Novartis Pharma

Novartis operate in total 140 countries .The Headquarter is in the Switzerland. Novartis was created in 1996.They strive to provide our associate with the safest possible workplace and to promote their health, Novartis is first company to receive accredit-ion from the European foundation for management development. Novartis plays an important role in biological research and bio medical research. Approximately  6000 scientists and physician around the world working in this Pharmaceutical Company.


1. Pfizer Pharma

This company was arrived in this business in 1849. Pfizer is the world largest pharma industry based on research and development.The company develops, discovers ,manufactures and delivers quality safe and effective medicine to the public.About in 90 countries it is working and about 90000 employee it has.Pfizer mission is to apply science and our global resources to improve public health.The company is  committed to advance wellness,prevention and treatment .

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