Top 10 Best Perfumes For Women In 2013

Fragrances and aromas are an important part of one’s personality. They actually add to your personality-a factor- that makes you so exotic and exquisite. Choosing and opting for a nice perfume is one of the most important tasks as this is among the most required accessory. In order to buy an enchanting fragrance, first of all you must be aware about the difference between the male and female fragrances. Male scents are strong, rich and exquisite whereas in comparison, the female scents are soft, romantic, floral, lovely and enchanting. Women in the living world can never resist the perfumes. Women are born to love and appreciate fragrances and they can do anything to grab a nice scent of their latest brands. Ladies wouldn’t be ladies provided that they are not concerned about their looks, their hair, their apparel, shoes, psyche and different things. This article would prove to be fruitful as it would not only be helpful for the females but this article might help the males in knowing what the best perfumes are in the market and what they must buy for their girls.

Perfumes can rightly be said as the cherry on the cake or the wafer on the ice-cream that adds exquisiteness to your personality and completes your admirable personality. At your most beloved shops, your eyes urgently move towards the new and latest scent additions, which you have treasured eternity. The point when your nose gets the whiff of any great aroma, you even question from a stranger about its accessibility! Recently many renowned brands have launched their new perfumes and with the New Year, the ratings of perfume have been tremendously changed according to public demand and expert rating. So here we go with the Top 10 best perfumes for women in 2013:



10. Gucci- Rush: (New)

Gucci- Rush (New)

Main Elements: white floral, aromatic, earthy, vanilla, patchouli and fruity.

The recent launch by Gucci has made its mark in no time. As the name indicates; it gives a rush to your adrenaline just like a drug. It has an elegant, irresistible scent and the bottle design is also pretty trendy.

Price range: $71


9. BURBERRY- Brit Eau de Parfum:

BURBERRY  Brit Eau de Parfum

Main Elements: vanilla, amber, mahogany, Tonka bean, white peony, sugared almonds, green almond, Italian lime, icy pear.

The young lady typifies the energetic spirit of singularity. She’s absurd, yet dependably enchanting and capriciously attractive and this perfume adds to her individuality, and attractiveness.

Price range: $72- $92


8. I Love New York by Bond no. 9- I love New York for Mothers: (New)

I Love New York by Bond no. 9 I love New York for Mothers  (New)

Main Elements: white floral, floral, citrus, musky, fresh spicy and sweet.

This was also tossed in 2012 and has recently become the all-time favorite of ladies. It is available in 50 to 100 ml bottles.

Price range: $105- $175


7. Calvin Klein- Obsession:

Calvin Klein- Obsession

Main Elements: warm spicy, balmy, woody, amber, powdery and musky.

Although made in around 1985, the perfume manages to be in the top ten lists because of its superb and ultimate odor.

Price range: $57- $74


6. Marc Jacobs- Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine:

Marc Jacobs- Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine

Main Elements: fruity, citrus, floral, sweet and rose.

The bottle of this awesome perfume is also superb. It was extracted in 2011 and since then it is appreciated one. Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine is an elucidation interpretation with additional professed fruity enhances that might be introductory notes of strawberry, fruit bloom and pink grapefruit.

Price range: $65


5. Ralph Lauren- Romance:

Ralph Lauren- Romance

Main Elements: floral, rose, fresh spicy, woody, musky and white floral.

Harry Fremont actually created this exquisite fragrance in 1998. It is a lovely creation which depicts love and everlasting aura of scents.

Price range: $74- $84


4. Calvin Klein– Euphoria:

Calvin Klein- Euphoria

Main Elements: woody, floral, sweet, powdery, and amber.

Created in 2005, as the name indicates, Euphoria is mysterious in is sense and exotic in its own ways.

Price range: $47- $82


3. Dolce & Gabbana– Light Blue:

Dolce & Gabbana- Light Blue

Main Elements: fresh, woody, citrus, aromatic and fruity.

It was presented in 2001. It is an extremely well known summer scent. D&G Light blue is an easy and blustery, sparkling fruity-botanical aroma that inspires the spirit of the Sicilian summer. Mouth-watering and crisp notes of lime and cedar are carrying a picture of the South woods on the seashore.

Price range: $25- $89


2. Dior- Miss Dior le Parfum: (NEW)

Dior  Miss Dior le Parfum (NEW)

Main Elements: amber, citrus, patchouli, vanilla, and rose.

A latest addition to the Dior is Miss Dior le Parfum which was recently launched in September, 2012. You can have this seductive, sensual and elegant scent in around a 40 ml exquisite bottle. The creation incorporates profoundly amassing of elements: mandarin, Turkish rose extracts, Bulgarian rose absolute, patchouli, vanilla, and amber.

Price range: $70- $115


1. Victor and RolfFlower bomb:

Victor and Rolf- Flower bomb

Main Elements: patchouli, floral, white floral, green, rose and citrus.

The fragrance was introduced by Oliver Polge, Domitille Bertier, Carlos Benaim and Dominique Ropion in 2005. The perfume is available in different bottle sizes according to the price. One can have a 30ml, a 50ml or a 100ml bottle. The bottle as well as the scent is elegant, glamorous, opulent, sweet, sophisticated and elegant in its true sense. The name of the scent is the testimony of the fact that the fragrance is explosive with really a nice and seductive odor and this definitely boosts up your personality. This is the reason; Flower Bomb grabs the number 1 position in our list.

Price range: $29- $160

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