Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013

Acting is an art,it is a special talent and everyone is not blessed with this talent.Like any other profession,acting has its own charm and recolonization. Pakistan,no doubt is a country with people having extremely extraordinary capabilities in every field and the Pakistan’s electronic media has its own identity in the whole world.Acting is becoming the passion of the people and many new competent faces are introduced in Pakistan’s showbiz with outstanding work. Especially The talented female Pakistani actresses who have shown their potential and devotion towards their work by their fabulous performance and the great combination of talent with style and  beauty. Here is the list of Top 10 best Pakistani actresses of 2013, so you must have a look at this list.


10. Sajal Ali

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013, Sajal Ali

A very young and talented actress who has forecast outstanding performances in her different drama serials like Mere qatil merey dildaar,kitni girhein Baqi hai,Meri ladli and also in Sitamgar. She has become so much famous in a very young age and her talent and fabulous work cannot be ignored and that’s why She is among the top ten best actresses.


9. Mehwish Hayat

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013 ,9. Mehwish Hayat

She is a brilliant actress,model and singer of Pakistan.She gained fame in very little time and is one of the top Pakistani actress due to her impressive acting. Her fabulous acting make her to achieve no 9 in the list of top ten best Pakistani actresses. Her acting not confined to one channel,she worked in many drama serials like the famous one Mere QatilMere Dildaar, kitni girhein baqi hai and also working in Mirat Ul Arous.


8. Sanam Saeed

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013, 8. Sanam Saeed

Sanam Saeed is a fabulous actress and has always proven its worth whether it is Daam,Talkhiyan,Mera Naseeb or the most appreciating and outstanding Zindagi Gulzaar hai.She adjusts herself in every type of role and add a beauty to her role and in the whole serial. Her position on the list is no 8.


7. Juggan Kazim

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013, 7. Juggan Kazim

A very impressive,bold and charming female actress whose name is Syeda Mehr Bano Kazim but is known by her stage name Juggan Kazim. She is also a very famous model and TV host. Due to her impressive work and different style of speaking she is on no 7 in the list. Her famous drama serials include Man-O-Salwa,Omar Dadi aur Gharwalay,Pani Jaisa Piyarand Kaash Aisa Ho.


6. Amina Sheikh

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013, 6. Amina Sheikh

A very reknown and versatile actress who has got a lot of praise through his work as leading role in Drama serials Maat,Uraan, ,Hum Tum, Daam and Ishq Gumshuda. Her bold and beautiful acting in dramas,telefilms and films make her veryadmiring.She has got no 6 in the list and her work in Mirat ul uroos is also very strong.


5. Ayesha Omer

, 5. Ayesha Omer

One of the charming Pakistani TV actress,singer,model and host is Ayesha omer.Her hit serial Bulbulay make her world famous.She not only can do comic role but also have shown her worth in other types of acting like Meri Zat zarra e benishan, kitni girhein baqi hai and the hit one ongoing serial Zindagi Gulzar hai. She has appeared in a different role in latest drama Tanhaiyan. Her eye catching looks with awesome work allowed her to gain no 5 among the top ten best actresses.


4. Aiza Khan

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013, 4. Aiza Khan

A fresh,cute and younger looking Pakistani television actress and model who lives in the heart of her viewers dueto her flawless and versatile acting in her serials. On starting her career as a model then turning to television serialsshe got so much praise and fame through  her acting in different drams like Pul sirat,kala jaddu,totey hue par,aksand currently running Kahi un kahi. She is on no 4 in the list.


3. Sanam Baloch

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013, 3. Sanam Baloch

No 3 is occupied by a very cute and decent actress whose beauty and innocence can not be unnoticed by any one. She is one of the fantastic and hardworking actress who worked in a lot of dramas and still everyone would like to see her in more. Her famous dramas include Nur pur ki rani,Dur e shewar,Kuch Pyar ka Pagal pun were really loved by all. She has a very different style and beauty that make her attractive and her amazing acting make her role extraordinary.


2. Mahira khan

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013 , 2. Mahira khan

A dashing Pakistani actress who have shown her talent and marvelous work in many dramas like neeyat,Sher e zat and humsafar. She got tremendous fame from the drama serial humsafar and no doubt was the face of the year of 2012. But it does not mean that their is decline of her work and fame in 2013.she is still admired and loved and is on no 2 in the top ten list of2013 and would be shown in many dramas as leading role.


1. Saba Qamar

Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses Of 2013, 1. saba qamar

A beautiful actress with the potential of doing extra sensitive roles.She is a versatile actress and model and have performed in variety of dramas and advertisements. No one can even think that a serious and traditional roles doing actress can host the favorite funny show Hum sub Umeed Sey Hai. She worked in many dramas and now a days is doing  a strong role in drama serial Kash Aesa Ho on Ary Digital. She is ranked on no 1 in top ten best television actresses of Pakistan. Saba Qamar is the best Pakistani Actress of 2013 .

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