Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses In 2012

Pakistani entertainment industry is all about its actors and actresses. Media enhance the value of those television channels which hire the best actors and actresses. Now a days new faces have been introducing in the industry so far who are currently fashion models but also want to start their career in the field of acting. Hard to believe is that acting is not an easy job. No one can become an good actor or actress in minutes or days. It takes a lot of devotion, creation and developing of sentiments to perform a job which must give a concept of reality in the disguise of some virtual character shown in the drama and make name popular in the television industry.Anyhow here in this post we have created our own list of those best actresses below who are beautiful as well as best in acting field of Pakistan. Yup we are talking about Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses In 2012 Hope you like it.


10). Natasha Ali:

She is good actress with spontaneous and frank nature. Her looks exude innocence and sophistication with style and modernity. She has been performing on television for couple of years. Natasha is a model too and has been seen on many runways doing a great job confidently. She is a host too on few shows in some channels and per light comedy shows. Her looks and beauty is well-known in the industry and she is very popular in the entertainment industry.


09). Madiha Iftikhar:

She is great actress and well-worth in the industry of Pakistan. Madiha has done many television dramas on ARY digital, Hum Tv, Geo etc and is reminded in good words. She is a new and fresh face of the industry and has been a show stopper too in some fashion designers exhibition. She is very confident and well-committed to avail every chance would bring better improvements in her career. She has a list of programs to be done in present and in future too.


08). Amina Sheikh:

She is versatile actress and much honored in the industry. She is renovating her style and acting day by day and developing all-go looks that can be customized to perform any role in the drama. She is also well-known for her acting versatility. She has been a successful model too but after modeling, she has introduced herself well in the acting line. Her roles in ‘Main Abdul Qadir Hon’, ‘Maat’ and ‘Mora Piya’ are remember-able among the people nationally and internationally.


07). Saba Qamar:

She is a charming actress with sharp acquainted features which are quite photogenic to be spread the magic on television. Her looks are very versatile and she possesses true Pakistani beauty. Saba has performed well on many roles in the dramas like ‘Maat’, ‘Main Chaand si’ etc and is currently hired for a drama ‘Thakan’ shown on ARY digital. She also does a comedy show ‘Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain’ on Geo tv. She is a great actress and can bring life and reality to any role assigned to her.


06). Tooba Siddiqui:

She is a successful model a well as a successful actress in the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Her looks are lovely and she is perfect pout on the ramp. She walks very confidently in a stylish way on the ramp and looks very charming and glamorous too. Almost every runway hires her for the modeling and she has a great talent of acting too. Tooba has done a splendid job in the main role of drama ‘Dil Hai Chota sa’ on Geo Tv and she has done many other dramas marvelously too.


05). Sanam Baloch:

Sanam is a cute actress with pretty features and gorgeous smile. Her looks are very elegant and graceful and she is mostly hired for those roles which exude innocence and simplicity because her personality matches these types of roles very much. Her fresh and powerful appearance on television is admired nationally and internationally. Sanam has performed many roles in the dramas like ‘Kuch Pyar ka Pagalpan’, ‘Nadamat’, and her major hit was the role in ‘Akbari Asghari’.


04). Jugan Kazim:

She is a very popular VJ, television actress and a fashion model. Her spontaneity and well-commitment is very admirable and she has just returned from Canada to perform in Pakistan and spread her glamour. Her enchanting smiling face is the major factor which makes her appearance well-worthier. She is acting on different channels with hard devotion and currently she is hosting for a morning show as well. Jugan is a very daring person who left no field untried and gained very valued experiences from them.


03). Mehreen Raheel:

Daughter of a successful actress ‘Simin Raheel’, Mehreen Raheel is nominated in the list of top actresses as well. She is trying her best to improve her performances on the television and day by day, she is growing her name a lot. She has also been casted as the heroine in an Indian movie and also doing various sorts of roles in different dramas. She is making intellectual and gradual steps towards success and seems to win one day. She intends to make her name in Film industry of Pakistan as well.


02). Humaima Malik:

Although she is not very old, but her new and photogenic face has made people like her very much. She is glamorous, rocking and as well as an innovative personality too. She has tried very hard to gain a name and fame in the television industry. She has performed on many drama serials of different channels but her debut role in ‘Bol’ gave her acting spirit a new dimension and inspiration. She is currently performing a role in ‘Ishq Janoon Deewangi’ shown on Hum Tv.


01). Mahira Khan:

Mahira Khan has earned the title ‘Face of The Year’ due to her sensual and gorgeous looks. Along with a successful actress, she is currently the Brand Ambassador of ‘Sunsilk’. She is has a very vital personality and is clear in her communication. Also, her nature is very frank and joly. She possesses a perfect and unique combination of beauty, simplicity, innocence, style, talent and brilliance. She had performed in a Hum Tv Super Hit drama ‘Humsafar’ and is currently doing ‘Shehr e zaat’ which will also be the biggest annual hit.

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19 Responses to “Top 10 Best Pakistani Actresses In 2012”

  1. Youkhanda says:

    Wtf why the hell no body mentioned HIna DIlpazeer?? A fabulous versatile actress

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  5. muhammad fayyaz says:

    Saba qamar is my favourite tv actoresss

  6. waheed says:

    fake list where is aiza khan she is NO 1

  7. warisha says:

    there is nothing special in maira khan she is ugliest her whole face cover her biggggggggest nose

  8. warisha says:

    there is nothing special in maira khan her biggggggggest nose ahhhhh

    • Big Brothers says:

      And due to that nose she is much famous among others. Actually we are talking about the best actress not about the beautiful Pakistani Actresses. So she deserves that rank in this list .Am i wrong ?

  9. warisha says:

    where is mahnoor baloch and aiza khan thats all rubbish actress means that we imagin and we cant imagen maira khan

    • Big Brothers says:

      Your comment should not be rude. Its all about voting.

    • Kaynat says:

      Whoevr u r warisha it showz hw ugly u r by ur commentz!!!
      N itz ur fukn point ov view & let me tell u dat mahira khan rulez over millions ov hearts!!!she iz beautiful acting iz a bonus!!!

  10. yasir ali says:


  11. karim khan says:

    why has no body mentioned my wife saeeda bibi

  12. karim khan says:

    saeeda bibi is number 1 bivi number 1 hay saeeda number 1 hay

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