Top 10 Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014

Hockey is back! And with this come the expectations as well as anticipations of the hockey fans about their favorite player. Whenever we are going to list up the top hockey players we need to have a look at the performance of the players of National Hockey League (NHL) for that respective year as NHL is full of superstars of hockey. Listing up the top hockey players is not an easy task to do as many players are stacked at the same position but who is best of them? It’s is truly arguable. The best players are sorted out on the basis that what they bring to the table this year? Who are as bold and original as they need to be? Who have proved that they are more than worth of being a part of NHL? Who are those who can pull you out of your seat with a dazzle that “how did he do that”? Keeping all the things in mind here we have listed up the top 10 best NHL hockey players 2013-2014 who definitely are the best and most exciting players and can’t be miss out in the year 2014 as well.


10. Henrik Zetterberg

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014

Team: Detroit Red Wings

A professional Swedish hockey player and a captain of NHL team Detroit Red Wings. He had won the Stanley Cup in 2008, Conn Smythe Trophy as the Most Valuable Player of 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs and had also won many Gold medals as in Ice Hockey World Championship and Winter Olympics. His great achievements made him a member of Triple Gold Club. He also had been a part of the Swedish National Hockey team since 2001. He had enjoyed many successes in IIHF Championships as well. This hockey player is an elite playmaking center and recently had won the award for NHL Foundation Player. Though he is a late rounder and on wrong side of thirty’s, still got couple of good ones left to secure a position in list of top ten best hockey players.


9. Corey Perry

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014 - Corey Perry

Team: Anaheim Ducks

Corey Perry is a Canadian professional hockey player who is currently playing for Anaheim Ducks of NHL. He won Memorial Cup with London Knights when playing for OHL and also a gold medal for team Canada at World Junior Championships (more than once). He was selected by the Ducks in 2003 and he afforded to win Stanley Cup in 2007 with the team. In 2009 he topped with 72 points and this success was named to his first NHL All-Star team. In 2010 he won an Olympic Gold Medal with Canada. In 2011 he won Hart Memorial Trophy for NHL. He is truly a man who can play all the types of games and can beat you easily with his hands.


8. Alexander Steen

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014 - Alexander Steen

Team: St. Louis Blue

Alexander Steen is a Swedish Canadian professional hockey player and an alternate captain for NHL team St. Louis Blue. His national team is Sweden. He had played for Toronto Maple Leafs, SHL and Frolunda HC and recently for Modo Hockey on a short term contract during the 2012-13 NHL lockouts. He had played on international level for Swedish team in World U18 Championships, World Junior Championships and World championships. He was not so famous before he was named as the #1 Star for the month of October 2013 for leading NHL by 11 goals and 16 points. His skills, creativity, hard work and guts have made him one of the most famous and wanted hockey players of the year by NHL.


7. Jamie Benn

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014 - Jamie Benn

Team: Dallas Stars

Jamie Benn is a Canadian professional hockey player who is a captain of team Dallas Stars of NHL. He is supremely talented player that has been regarded as a breath of fresh air. Prior to being a professional he played with Kelowna Rockets of WHL. He made Canada win the gold medal in World Junior Championship in 2009. In 2009 he also won Ed Chynoweth Cup with the Kelowna Rockets and the Ed Chynoweth Trophy as well. Recently in 2012 he played in the NHL All-Star Game. He has a capability to change the tide of the game when you are about to pull your hair out. He is undoubted the talented player of NHL for 2013


6. Ryan Getzlaf

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014 -  Ryan Getzlaf

Team: Anaheim Ducks

He is a Canadian professional hockey player who is a captain of Anaheim Ducks of NHL. He has been a member of NHL since 2005 and his national team is Canada. He has jaw dropping crazy skills and its mind blogging to see the way he plays. He had won the Stanley Cup in 2007 for NHL. He had also won Top draft Prospect Award and East first and second All-Star Team Award. He helped Canadian team to win many gold medals in Olympics and other World Championships. He has consistently been a strong performer and is one of the players who can’t be missed out by NHL in coming years as well.


5. Tyler Seguin

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014 - Tyler Seguin

Team: Dallas Stars

He is a Canadian professional hockey player who plays for Dallas Stars in NHL. He was selected as the second overall by Boston Bruins in 2010 NHL entry draft. He won Stanley Cup in 2011. He finished 2012-2013 seasons in Boston Bruins by making the second highest scores in NHL. During 2012-2013 lockouts he played for EHC Biel and scored the top position. In July 2013 he was made the part of Dallas Stars of NHL. He won Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy by playing the 2009-2010 seasons for OHL. He was the top ranked North American Skater in 2010 draft class. This player has a solid career to date. This thrilling to watch player has an intense focus and ultra-elevated competition level that has made his place in the top 10 hockey players of the year.


4. John Tavares

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014 - John Tavares

Team: New York Islanders

John Tavares is a Canadian professional hockey player and a team captain of New York Islanders of NHL. During 2012-13 NHL lockouts he played for SC Bern but as soon as NHL’s shortened season was announced he returned to NHL. In 2005 he gained a status of an ‘exceptional player’ and made his place in OHL Priority Draft as an underage player. He had been named as CHL Rookie of the year in 2006 and CHL Player of the Year in 2007. He had won gold medals in JIH Championships in 2008 and 2009. He has represented Canada in IIFH sanctioned events as well as in 2010 and 2011 World Championships. He was announced as most valuable player of 2009 by NHL. Maintaining his record he had made his place in our top 10’s list.


3. Steven Stamkos

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014 - Steven Stamkos

Team: Tampa Bay Lightning

He is a Canadian professional hockey player and an alternate captain for Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL Team). Steven Stamkos is undoubtedly an offensive talent who had made his place in top 3 in this list. He has been dynamite since he is admitted to the NHL and is one of the top scorers of the league. The average goal rate per year of this player is 45 and if he is going to still play like this he would surely be one the all-time leader before he is 30. He is a young player but has two Rocket Richard Trophies to his name at the age when most of the people don’t have earned their undergraduate degrees.


2. Sidney Crosby

Best NHL Hockey Players 2013-2014 - Sidney Crosby

Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Sidney Crosby is a megastar in the best hockey players of year 2013. This young Canadian professional hockey player and the team captain of Pittsburgh Penguins. Famous as “Sid the Kid” has achieved great successes in such a small period of time. This teenage captain led his team to victory of Stanley cup. His points per game average are 1.41 and that’s quite impressive number. His intelligence, two-way play and offensive acumen make him prominent over all in the league players. If he can remain healthy he will definitely retire as one of the best hockey players of all the time. This player has respectable talent and body of work.


1. Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin

Team: Washington Capitals

A Russian professional hockey player and a team captain of team Washington Capitals of NHL. A player; you will love to hate until or unless he is a part of your team. The player with great number of fan following. Before he was selected as a member of NHL he played for HC Dynamo Moscow of Russian Super League from 2001-2005. Again he played for his national hockey team during lockouts of NHL in 2012-13. He made Dynamo win Calder Memorial Trophy in 2006. In 2007-2008 he led NHL and won Rocket Richard and Art Ross Trophies. NHL Players’ Association voted him as a top player to be awarded with Lester B. Pearson Award and the Hart Memorial Trophy. Since the Rocket Richard Trophy’s inception begins he won all the awards. He won the same awards in 2009 as well. He won a gold medal for Russia at the World Championships. He also won the Ted Lindsay Award in 2010. He won Lester B. Pearson Award , Hart Memorial Trophy and Rocket Richard Trophy in years 2010-11 and 2012-13 for NHL. With this long list of consecutive successes he deserves to be the 1st best and famous hockey player of the year.

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