Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013

Everyone might have heard of insurance quotes. Yes Ladies and gentlemen!!! With the increasing threat to life all over the globe, the demand of life insurance has no doubt increased. There were times when people used to be just like free souls moving all around without any fear and without any concern about their life and there was no concept of protection of one’s life and the life of the loved ones. But now, it is a pitiable condition when a person does not have the surety of his life. He is prone to the wild world and the use of the insurance companies has now become a necessity more than the fashion. Moreover my friends! One other important thing is the instability of life. This is another bitter reality of life that one cannot assure the health, the success and the happy life forever. Life is unpredictable and one can face any dire consequences anytime so no one can ensure a proper and contented life for one’s family. Have you ever thought about the fact that what on earth would happen to your family once you are no more alive to take care of your family and protect them? Wouldn’t it be alarming if you had no alternative once you are DEAD? So this is one of the solutions. The insurance policies provide a ray of hope in such a scenario. One can ensure the protection of one’s family via these policies.

Once we are aware about the fact that insurance companies are working all around the holy motherland “earth” for the betterment of its inhabitants, we focus upon the different insurance companies that are basically not only offering good insurance offers and are credible but have insurance quotes as well to attract as many of the costumers as possible. So ladies and gentlemen! Here we go with the top ten highly ranked, admired and highly consulted insurance companies all over the globe and also the companies who would definitely be the best ones in the coming couple of months. So here we have Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013 .




Nippon Life Insurance Company

best life insurance companies, 10th nippon life insurance company

At number 10 we have Nippon. Nippon Life Insurance Company is a Japanese insurance company and it is working for its customers to provide them with the best life insurance policies, retirement policies, and insurance plans. The financial assets of 599.059 US $b helps it grab a top ten ranking.





Aviva, Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013

Yet another great company indeed, Aviva is ranked at number 9 on our list. It is the company of United Kingdom and it serves its customers with life insurance and retirement policies. The company is currently functional in Europe but shortly it would be serving humanity in USA and Asia as well. Market value: 33.10 $b





metlife, Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013

MetLife is the insurance company of The United States of America and it was coined in 1868. MetLife proudly and sincerely provides annuities, life insurance, home insurance, retirement services, saving products as well as other options regarding savings, financial services, auto insurance and other retail banking options to its users. Market value: 37.94 $b




Prudential Financial

Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013, 5th prudential financial

For over 135 years, the well-known company is striving to serve the best of the best to its users. Prudential Financial not only helped the users regarding insurance but another rather distinct fact about the company is that it is working day in and day out for the growth and the protection of one’s wealth. The insurance quotes are another factor in making it rather distinct. It is functional in four continents.




Generali Group

Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013, generali group

It is an Italian company with value of 45.5 $b. It successfully extended its services in almost every part of the country including India, East and China. Generali Group is the 6th best insurance company in the world.




Manulife Financial

manulife financial , Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013

The market value of 50.52 $b makes it a number 5 enterprise. It serves around 22 countries with its services of insurance, retirement, mutual deposits, long span care facilities and financial services.



Allianz Worldwide

Allianz Worldwide Company, Top 10 Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013

The company enjoys the market value of 65.55 $b. The company belongs to Germany and is functional over around 70 countries with its best financial and insurance services.




AXA Group

axa group of insurance, Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013

The AXA group is ranked at number 3 in the countdown. It was established in 1980 in France. It provides insurance and financial services to its customers. The fame within few couple of years is due to the sheer hard work and sincerity towards its users. It has market value of 66.12 $b.




American International Group (AIG)

AIG, Best Insurance Companies In The World 2013

At number 2 we have American International Group, Inc. it is one of the leading enterprise in the world according to the 2013 consensus. It is serving its users in over 130 countries and the number is increasing continuously. The credibility of AIG in around 130 countries is the proof for the company being among the top ten. This group provides institutional, commercial, individual, retirement and life insurance services to its customers. So you can easily avail the opportunity if your country has access to this group.

Market value: 172.24 $b




Japan Post Insurance Company

Japan Post Insurance company

This insurance company was established in October 2007 in Japan and within a short period of time, it grabbed the first place in the rankings. The reason behind being the best can rightly be given to the earthquakes in the preceding year 2012. The company worked day and night for the victims and the reconstruction of the cities. Moreover, the fiscal 2012 and the annual report of 2013 also focused on the credibility and honesty of the group. The company whole heartily served the families of the insurance members according to the policies. Even the insurance quotes and the financial review is the testimony of the fact that JPI is rightly at number one. The review shows the company’s assets of around 1,163.67 US $b.

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