Top 10 Best And Most Famous Banks Of America

When it comes to credit cards and insurance, then the banks of America are among the very first things that strike to the mind. Surely, in the past few decades the banks and other financial institutions located in America have shown a major transition in terms of development and in enhancing their reputation. There are a number of factors because of which a bank is known. These factors include corporate social responsibility, sustainability and other relevant factors. The prime purpose of a bank is not to provide the customers with loans, but it is much more than that. The list I would be sharing with you has been finalized keeping in view the various reports and surveys that were done all over the United States. Based on these surveys it is quite clear that people still have some regard for some of the banks, only because they have been able to respond to their needs in the best way possible. There are also a number of other value drivers which have contributed towards building and enhancing the reputation of them all. Here is the list of the Top 10 Best And Most Famous Banks Of America.


10. US Bank Corp

With the options of online banking, credit card, competitive rates, better chances of approval, mortgage and easy to manage payment solutions, the US Bank is yet another bank which responds effectively to the needs of the customers. With more than 60,000 employees and growing avenues in the domain of finances and asset management, The US Bank Corp is really on the role these days.


9. HSBC North America Holdings

The head office of this bank is located in the city of dreams, New York which is in itself the center for worldwide trade and commerce. It is due to the success of this bank that the Hong Kong Banking Corp is looking for measures to acquire more than 50 % of the shares of this bank. According to an estimate, the bank currently manages more than $ 10 billion of net worth.


8. The Bank of New York Mellon

If you plan to launch a new business or looking for new avenues for the expansion of your businesses, then do apply for a account in this bank at the first. All the investment and financial services, it is one of those few banks in America which have established a strong reputation in the minimal time span. Furthermore, they also have accounts for everyone no matter what your pocket range is. The CSR and other reports published in the year 2011 are clear indicators about the success of this bank which never seems to end these days.


7. MetLife Inc

Building the strength plus security for your whole family has never been so easy. Thanks to MetLife Inc. which empowers you to take the control of your financial conditions in your hand. It is considered to be one of the best banks in terms of insurance and with more than 70 million customers worldwide. It also boasts to be one of those banks who have their representatives in almost every South Asian Country of the world. Not to forget the 140 year operational history of this bank.


6. Morgan Stanley

Being in operation in more than 40 countries worldwide and with more than 60,000 lucky employees, the bank boasts to have more than $ 304 billion of asset management projects. The bank was formed in the year 1935 and since then has been one of the leads in the investment banking sectors. In addition to providing brokerage, Morgan Stanley also specializes in investment advisory services.


5. Goldman Sachs Group Inc

Known to be one of the biggest banking firms and financial institutions in the United States, the this group is known for its never ending investment management policies, financial services, asset management, prime brokerage and much more than you can consciously imagine. There are a large number of people who believe it to be one of the biggest investment management and banking firm in the land of America. So why not be a part of this wonderful bank and acquire what is rightly yours.


4. Citigroup Bank USA

You might have heard about the initiative this bank has taken to save some small banks which are currently facing a downfall in the United States. Furthermore, the US treasury has also invested a heavy amount of $ 25 billion into this bank, which really knows to make good value for money. In the past years, hundreds of thousands of US citizens have chosen this institution all because of the fact that it is not a single but a global bank. Management of your spending and expenses is indeed the specialty of Citigroup.


3. Wells Fargo Banking

By being with Wells Fargo you would be able to make your loan repayments with the maximum levels of convenience. It is the leading bank in terms of educational credit and has been functioning from more than 160 years. It is surely one of the most stable and a reliable option for those who take banking seriously. Furthermore, there is no sort of disbursement and repayment fee that is charged on all the private loans they offer.


2. Bank of America

The Bank of America was long considered to the best in The United States, but it was in the last year that it was replaced by another banking firm. With its headquarters in the regions of North Carolina, it happens to be the 2nd largest banking and asset holding institution in the US. It is also linked with more than 99 % of the Fortune 500 companies of the world. With 16,200 ATMS and 57 million consumers, Bank of America has a huge sum of revenue which is much more than many other banks in the list.


1. JPMorgan Chase and Co

JPMorgan Chase and Company is marked by its online repayment and account management options. It is because of this bank that a new meaning was given to multinational banking, securities and retail management all over the world. The estimated assets of this bank are more than $ 2 trillion which is really a huge amount. It also claims to have the largest and most powerful hedge funds in the United States. It was in the month of October 2011 that this bank had passed the all known Bank of America in terms of combined assets, thus making it to our number 1 spot. These are the 10 Best Banks Of America

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