10 Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

It is not even halfway through 2013 this year and the celebrities have already started making the headlines. It is obvious as being a celebrity and popular, one cannot help being noticed by public. The best of Hollywood directors, singers, actors all have been through it, some bad and some worst. Here are the Top 10 most controversial celebrities of 2013, who continue to be in the list since last year. Here is how they managed to stay up even in 2013.




Rihanna , 10th Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

Rihanna has not stepped down from the roller coaster yet, she is still in the controversial lime light like yesterday year due to her unresolved issues with love and public dressing. This does not mean that she has changed her gestures in public which have been very much talked about. Among all the controversies, Rihanna still manages to be live on stage during her shows and sings the most beautifully written soul full songs which make us dance without missing a beat.



Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, 9th Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

Our favorite Paris, popular due to her obsession for drugs and sex tapes in the past still struggles with her career especially after completing her sentence last year. It is a tough year for the Model and actress to keep up her otherwise successful modeling career. No matter what controversies Paris gets into, she is always looked upon for her great styling sense and her voice. Hopefully she pushes herself in better directions this year and stays out of trouble and try to donate for good reasons.



Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher, 8th Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

This young and handsome actor had tied nuptial bonds with much older public fame Demi Moore, only to be found in the bad list by cheating on her, and the public is waiting for hear more about their decisions whether they will call it splits of continue, is yet to be heard. Hopefully 2013 will reveal it and Ashton and Demi will not keep us waiting for long.



Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, 7th Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

The cute Bieber had been in this list since last year, for obviously all the wrong reasons. The girls have who claimed to be pregnant by Bieber shook everyone around the world, but little did it tarnish his image as the girl fans did flock to watch when he came up with his new album release in March last year. Hope he continues, with better ways to stay in the public eye, while his lawyer does his job.



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, 6th Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

The Lady Gaga continues to be in news for her songs and dressing sense. She continues to be in USA music charts and one of the favorite with USA music industry. Although she missed the “artist of the Year” award for obvious reasons and people could not thank the judges more.



Britney Spears

Britney Spears, 5th Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

With her popular tour Femme Fatale tour last year, which was very successful, she could not however be so lucky in handling her personal life. She is still found debating situation when it comes to talking about her relationship with her husband, child and former manager cum boyfriend Jason Trawick. Hope this year she gets all in control with the help of a good lawyer.



Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, 4th Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

Miley Cyrus continues to bear the brunt of being the wrong place too early for her, giving the run for even some most popular celebrities. Last year was shockingly unpleasant when she was seen in those snaps in the most inappropriate ways. Hopefully she concentrates in her career and clears by the bygone media hipe of this issue and continues to bring in the best for her fans.



Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian , 4th Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

The much talked about celebrity who could use any means to stay up in the paparazzi list, is what Kim is. Now, that she is pregnant and awaiting eagerly for her new bundle of joy, hope she will not need any new stunts to make in to the news list after her much talks about media stint with 72 days marriage arrangement with Kris Humphries.



Linsday Lohan

Linsday Lohan, 2nd Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013

The pretty lady got caught up with petty things last year like theft and addiction to drugs and also being termed as Alcoholic last year, while many still wonder how an admired and attractive woman like her could get into ruining her image with such things. Lindsay needs a good time reworking on her image, right after she finishes her community service time, and maybe she should try to donate few things, for faster image recovery.



Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, worlds most controversial celebrity of 2013

The “two and a half men” popular series actor Charlie Sheen enjoyed the popularity until he caught up with a rude behavior with his producer, which fired up controversies against him. Hoping at least his new USA comedy Tour will be good for him, off course without the tomatoes and drinking caps which he has experienced last time. Whatever it will be 2013 is still waiting for his new innings. Charlie Sheen is at the top in the list of 10 Most Controversial Celebrities Of 2013 .

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