10 Most Annoying Habits Of Women

10 things that are really irritating habits of women that can drive you crazy and in reality it happens .Check out the details given below in which you will  know that these beautiful women are how much irritating too. Women are doing this not once in a day because they don’t think about what they are doing mean annoying to men or others . In these annoying habits all are common in women . Some annoying habits makes you mad in routine life but men have to bear them . 10 Most Annoying Habits Of Women Are;


10. Comparison

Annoying Habits Of Women

This is one that you definitely do on purpose. Comparing us to the previous men in your life is malicious and nasty and only done so you can be a nag!As men, we do not expect you ladies to make an effort to stop annoying us. But we do expect you to realize that this is why we act the way we do! It’s not easy to be with you, and the fact that most of you hit 9 for 10 on this list is exactly why you have longer life-spans than we do.


9. I have Nothing To Wear!

Annoying Habits Of Women .

Girls have this annoying habit of deciding what to wear! Their closet is full of clothes, shoes, jewelry and they are like calling their boyfriends or bestfriends crying and say ”I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” or “I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR”. Well you know this thing normally happens because girls usually think that they should not be wearing anything twice! As her friends or other girls have seen it already! This is totally insane and irritating!


8. Over dramatic

Annoying Habits Of Women ..

It is also called to be a drama queen. One definition of a drama queen is a person given to excessively emotional performances or reactions, and the description is pretty much exact. To break what can fast become a way of life, the drama teen needs to be put in her place and very quickly. If your drama queen is a grown woman, you’ve got major problems and you might need more help than the following steps can give, but it’s worth a try.


7. Being Clingy

Annoying Habits Of Women.

Some girls are just way to clingy to their boyfriends. Not being over clingy is also good because it makes the time that the girl and guy spend together, whether talking on the phone, chatting, texting, or in person, more enjoyable. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Especially for the guy.


6. Always Going Off On Tangents Let’s

Annoying Habits Of Women,

Talk about the women who makes you feel like you’re always to blame, it’s always your fault and nothing you do is ever right.Most likely after many of your encounters with this type of person, you end up feeling guilty, upset, emotionally drained and confused. You may even feel like you’re completely useless or incompetent.The most difficult times to deal with this type of women habit is when they’re in the role of your boss, your parent, your wife or your significant other.This type of women isn’t always easy to identify at first. I’m going to use “he” throughout but a blamer can be male or female. The blamer can be very charming and likeable yet also have this darker side. When you’re dealing with the darker side, it will feel like the rug is always being pulled out from under you and nothing you do is ever right, or you get blamed for his mistakes or his deceptions. Trying to be rational with him doesn’t work. Trying to get him to see how hurt you feel by what he’s doing doesn’t work. In fact, these two tactics will make it much, much worse.


5. Gossiping

Annoying Habits Of Women....

Gossiping is like sharing news about certain topics with other people and getting a response from that person, which in turn, that person also begins to share the news with others. Humans for one thing, cannot live without having gossip. We just can’t seem to resist sharing gossips among each other because we have the need to be curious and find out things whether it is something bad or good about someone.but the womens came up twith the negativity and exploide the real meaning , that onwards became streeful and creates mess.


4. Back stabbing Their Friends

Annoying Habits Of Women,,

Most women love complaining about their supposed closest friends. How can someone be your closest friend when you have so much negative stuff to say about them? Mostly have seen that with the minor complaints women starting back stabbing …as it is not lyk this this should be like this ….bla bla bla…


3. Arguing About Nothing

Annoying Habits Of Women   ..

Very common problem seen in women, used to argue about the things that is realy nothing in actual. They just started from the very thing …Nothing is there to be put in but they just pulled it out .This habit irritates other at extreme level but they damn care about that.


2. Rambling

most Annoying Habits Of Women

Women can sometimes use 100 words to say something that could have been said in 10.Because it’s not about effective speech it’s about making noise. It’s like a cat purring. The object is to do it non-stop. If something is said or understood that’s OK but not necessary.Its very common thing seen now-a-days.Attitude changes with the passage of time.


1. Nagging

Annoying Habits Of Women n

Women are known to nag to get what they want. Men find this habit absolutely irritating.When we get into nagging and critical ways of talking with each other we can damage our relationship, hurt our partners and drain the positive feelings out of our relationship.When you feel a nag coming on, try stopping yourself and step back. Transform your less-than-attractive nag into a much-more-attractive polite request.Keep your voice warm and calm as you speak and avoid anything critical or blaming – just state what you need and why it’s important to you, and how helping you will help them too.This is the most annoying habit of women.

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