10 Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements

With the advent of fresh technology, we are constantly on watch. With the new technological advancement, the Social media is keeping us engaged so much that we are prepared to face the world almost 24 hours these days. In this fast paced lane the way we are connecting with each other across the world is tremendous and at the same time alarming. It is no doubt this is the age of fast communication and technology where people are able to establish connections fast and benefit, many things have become simpler. On the other hand in order to keep up with the world we are loosing sleep and are living more stressed lives, our natural sleep cycle is getting damaged, which is evident in the way we look. Signs of early aging, hair loss, obesity are seen quite often and much earlier and we are not able to embrace it positively and work towards healing instead there is an instant urge for looking great, even if deep down you are suffering. Such desires to look perfect and composed, people are resorting to various OTC drugs and supplements and largely to cosmetic treatments to achieve the desired look. Not realizing the fact that they might be harmful in the long run. There is an urge to look flawless therefore people are taking short cuts to keep up with the society’s standards, without thinking of the harmful consequences awaiting in future. Here we are highlighting 10 Disadvantages of using drugs and supplements which are being used to augment or beautification, watch out if you are consuming any of them.


10. Augmentations (Cheek) 

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements, Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation requires great precision and artistry, always look for certified dermatologist or a good plastic surgeon for cheek Augmentation. Fillers such as Radiesse or perlane needs great expertise, which only an experienced doctor can ensure symmetry and maximize the lift. The injection causes swelling which subsides in some days but if it does not than it is possible that the injected Radiesse has penetrated into the orbital rim.


9. Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening ,Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements

Who does not wish to look radiant and glowing, skin whitening creams are popular OTC gels used. But seldom do people neglect the skin type and if not careful can cause swelling and dizziness and fatigue.


8. Anti Aging Gels / Lotions

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements,Anti Aging Gels  Lotions

The wrinkles and these anti aging creams claim to reduce the lines effectively and quickly giving you a fresh younger appearance, but is it actually like that? It contains some active ingredients like Matrixyl and Argireline, the later is a common ingredient used in Botox treatments. These are again skin specific treatments which must be taken under guidance as over use can cause acne and other side effects.


7. Tanning Lotions

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements,Tanning Lotions

Some of the tanning lotions containing Aminobenzoic Acid might stain your clothes, while some may cause redness follow by irritation. To prevent this one must test the tanning lotion on smaller area and if feeling uncomfortable , wash it off instantly. Consult your pharmacists for a tanning lotions for your skin type.


6. Lip Plumpers

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements,Lip Plumpers

Lip Plumpers can be irritating and can give you stinging feeling even after you got rid of them from your lips, many of such OTC lip Plumpers will causes uncomfortable spiky feeling and it usually does not subside due to its key ingredient Niacin, which is responsible for increased blood flow.


5. Vitamin supplements

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements,Vitamin supplements

Over dose of Vitamin Supplements or OTC drugs for energy enhancements and other purposes might not be a wise idea at all. Look up to a good physician and seek guidance in how much and which supplemental are good for your body.


4. Hair Removal

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements,Hair Removal

Hair Removal using laser treatments are popular and a permanent solution but if not done by practiced hands and clinics you could end up facing the wrath of it. There are two major problems which might occur , Skin discoloration or Hyperpigmentation, which might not be cured or Scaring.


3. Hair Treatment Drugs (keratin)

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements,Hair Treatment Drugs (keratin)

The most famous Brazilian Keratin treatment for hair blowout results lasting as long as 12 weeks sounds great but watch out if you get to experience, Nose bleeding, Chest pains or burning eyes.


2. Breast Firming Gels

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements,Breast Firming Gels

While the use of breast firming gels may make your breasts look fuller and firm, but many people do not understand that cheap gels or oils might be a temporary solution. For long term solution one must buy prescribed gels and pay attention and discontinue during pregnancy. Even women dealing with any kind of medical conditions must avoid using such gels / creams . These are really harmful in some conditions.


1. Slimming Drugs

Disadvantages Of Using Drugs And Supplements,Slimming Drugs

This is the most popular and most sought after drug even OTC are taken which often contain Ephedra, Guarana, caffeine and many such stimulants which help in lessening the hunger pangs, but these may also increase your heart beat, high BP, Insomnia, dizziness and headaches if taken in more than the prescribed amount. Even Sometimes what is mentioned on the label is not always what you will get. Besides most of these are temporary fixes to your major problem. So we should avoid these supplements and drugs for better life.

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